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Our Mission
The recent pandemic has caused millions of people across the world to lose their jobs. Our mission is to provide certified soft skills that will help increase employment opportunities and entrepreneurship skills around the world, at the most affordable prices. You can be part of our mission by sharing your expertise and skill with them, and build a satisfying and rewarding career at the same time.

About Us

Our team has trained thousands of students, professionals, and senior executives from various sectors and industries for the past decade. We are expanding our markets around the world with the launch of our new range of soft skill programs accredited by CPD, United Kingdom, securing direct marketers, telemarketers and freelancers to market our programs and forming strategic partnerships with multiple training partners, educational institutions, business associations, corporations, and cooperatives in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, UK, USA, and other countries.

Online Education Market
The online education market is currently worth US$150 Billion and expected to reach over $300 Billion in the next five years as countries, companies, and educational institutions around the world are now focusing on providing online education.

Why partner with us?
There are over 50 million online trainers worldwide. Hundreds to thousands in each country. All offering online courses at rock bottom prices to compete. Those in the developing countries can afford to offer courses at rock-bottom prices. How do you compete and win in such a big and still competitions? We provide with you many advantages, as stated below so that you can stand above the rest and secure more students.

Our Advantages

1. Most Affordable UK Certified Soft Skill Programs  
We provide soft-skill programs that are certified by CPD, United Kingdom, at the most affordable prices.

2. Certificates from CPD, United Kingdom
Students will receive certificates from CPD, United Kingdom, upon passing their tests.

3. Certificates from British Cambridge College
Students will receive certificates from our College upon passing their tests.

4. Quality Programs and Qualified Trainers
Students will receive quality programs, qualified trainers, and quality training.

5. Flexible Study Methods
Students can study online anywhere 24/7 or offline (printed materials), or classroom-based.

6. Wide Range of Soft Skill Programs
We offer a wide range of programs for individuals, companies, associations, non-profits, etc.

Advocacy | Business | Entrepreneurship       

Our UK Accredited Soft Skill Programs

Advocacy Programs 
Animal Care & Protection, Child Care & Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Protection, Fair Trade Practices, Human Rights, and Social Enterprise, etc.

Business Programs
Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills, Leadership Skills, Negotiation Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Time Management, Wellness, etc.

Entrepreneurship Programs 
Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Franchising, Franchise Marketing, Organic Chicken Farming, Organic Vegetable Farming, Organic Fertilizer Production, and Telemarketing, etc.

Whom are we looking for?
We take our reputation and the welfare of our students very seriously. 
We welcome trainers from all countries with a minimum age of 21 years old with relevant qualifications and experience.
As a trainer, you must have a minimum of 2-years training and work experience related to the programs you wish to conduct.
As a trainer, you must be able to speak and pronounce your words in clear English and fully understood by your students.

What is the minimum number of students per class?
You can have just 1 student or up to 100 students per class.
If you wish to allow the student to interact with you during your course, its best to keep the student number to the minimum.
If you wish to have a large group of students, say 100, you should enable them to email their questions to you after your class.
How much can I earn as a trainer?
You have the advantages stated above.
You have the flexibility to conduct the programs online, at any time.

If you conduct 1 online class with 30 students per month, you earn $900 / month (1 Class x 30 Students x $30 = $900)
If you conduct 1 online class with 100 students per month, you earn $3,000 / month  (1 Class x 100 Students x $30 = $3.000) 
If you conduct 2 online classes with 100 students each per month, you earn $6,000 / month  (2 Classes x 100 Students x $30 = $6.000) 
If you conduct 3 online classes with 100 students each per month, you earn $9,000 / month  (3 Classes x 100 Students x $30 = $9.000) 
How much you can earn will depend on yourself. There are no limits. 

How do I secure my students?
You can promote your programs on various platforms:

Can you help me to promote my course program? 
We can assist you to connect directly with several social media consultants.
Their fees range from $30 to $300 depending on your agreement with them.
We do not guarantee results nor responsible for the outcome of your campaigns.

Do you provide the course materials?
Yes, we have the course materials for all of the courses we conduct.
We provide basic standard level course modules which enable you (trainer) to blend your course materials
with ours to provide a more compressive training experience for your students.

How can I start my training program?
Step 1 - Select the course you wish to conduct. 
Step 2 - Select your training schedule.
Step 3 - Promote your course.
We will notify you when the students have enrolled and paid for your course.

How can I apply as a Freelance Trainer?
Send your short CV to - ran@bccolleges.co.uk
We will review your application and reply to you with 48 hours.
Thank You for your interest in being part of our college and our mission.


Certified and Accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom
CPD certifications mean your skills meet international requirements
for company compliance programs regarding continuing professional development.